Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões

The Graduate Program in Scientific and Technological Education (PPGEnCT) was designed to contribute to regional development, with a priority focus on scientific and technological education, based on the development of teaching and research as of the relationship between education, science and technology, taking the teaching-learning processes as its insertion field.

The PPGEnCT, particularly, prioritizes the professional training of the entrant so that he can act in a competent manner and with methodological, didactic and technical-scientific quality, seeking to contribute to the training of teachers / researchers capable of deepening theoretically and critically the major issues involving the scientific and technological education. The PPGEnCT aims to promote the production, updating and dissemination of knowledge, continued scientific training, the qualification of professionals, especially those in education. Furthermore, it intends to develop the capacity to mobilize theoretical and practical knowledge in order to improve teaching, professional performance, political awareness and the exercise of citizenship.

The graduates of the Program should conceive scientific research as a necessary step in the process of acquiring and disseminating knowledge, assuming that the competent and critical domain of knowledge is indispensable for good professional performance. Above all, it is expected that they will be able not only to transpose the knowledge produced in academic spaces to their field of action, but also to build new knowledge and promote innovations.

Concentration Area: Science and Technology Teaching

Research lines:

1 - Teacher Education and Science and Technology Education policies;

2 - Information and Communication Technologies and Educational Practices in Science Teaching