Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões

The URI Stricto Sensu Postgraduate Program in Law - Santo Ângelo - Master and Doctorate - was designed to become a center of excellence in the area of ​​law teaching and research. To this end, it has an academic and administrative structure, computer resources and a qualified and updated bibliographic collection and an area reserved for individual and group studies and research. Its teaching consists of renowned research professors with a strong influence on the innovative theory of contemporary law. The Program houses the Luis Alberto Warat Chair, composed of the entire cultural and bibliographic collection of the renowned Argentine-Brazilian thinker.

The Program presents itself, at the same time, as a qualified space for high studies and as a regional communitarian achievement, aiming to contribute to the innovation of the Law science and its insertion in the daily routine of social practices.

Concentration Area: Special Rights

Research Lines:

1 - Law and Multiculturalism

2 - Citizenship Policies and Conflict Settlement