Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões

The objectives of Elementary Education are:

a) to develop the ability to learn with the basic means of playfulness and integration between the child's physical, emotional, affective, cognitive and social aspects;

b) to ensure the common training, which is essential for the exercise of citizenship, providing the means to progress in work and further studies;

c) to develop the ability to learn, with emphasis on the skills of observation, analysis and conclusion, having as basic means the full mastery of reading, writing and logical-mathematical reasoning;

d) to understand the natural and social environment, the political system, the economy, technology, culture and the values ​​on which society is based;

e) to strengthen family ties, human solidarity and mutual respect on which social life is based;

f) to promote access, participation and learning for students with disabilities, with global developmental disorders or high skills;

g) to articulate inclusion by creating spaces for coexistence, stimulation, acceptance and respect, through an educational practice that promotes the self-esteem, autonomy and creative capacity of the student and his family.