Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões

The objectives of Early Childhood Education are:

a) to develop a positive image of themselves, acting more and more independently, with confidence in their abilities;

b) to discover and progressively know their own body, their potentialities and limits, developing and valuing care habits for their own health and well-being;

c) to establish and exchange affective bonds with adults and children, strengthening their self-esteem and gradually expanding their possibilities of communication and social interaction;

d) to observe and explore the environment with a curiosity attitude, increasingly perceiving themselves as a member and transforming agent of the environment and valuing attitudes that contribute to its conservation;

e) to play expressing emotions, feelings, thoughts, desires, needs, socialization, expanding and building knowledge;

f) to use the different languages ​​(mathematical, corporal, musical, visual, oral and written) adjusted to the different intentions and situations of communication, in order to understand and be understood;

g) to know cultural manifestations, showing attitudes of interest, respect and participation before them and valuing diversity.