Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões

Its basic objective is to train qualified personnel to act in the management of organizations, of different dimensions and sectors, contributing to the achievement of organizational objectives and business development. For this, its curricular structure is based on a concentration area and on two lines of research: one aimed at training managers, who need to understand, in a strategic way, the dynamics of the organization; and the other, more flexible, about the deepening of themes related to local / regional development, innovations and social organizations. Its target audience consists preferably of professionals engaged in the labor market, who seek technical-scientific training for problems of a professional nature faced in their organizations, as well as graduates in higher education, that are still without more effective links in the labor market, who intend to act in activities demanding technical-scientific understanding about administrative phenomena, and / or in teaching and research activities in administration.

Concentration Area: Management and Development of Organizations

Research lines:

1 - Organizational Strategies

2 - Innovation, Social Organization and Development